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Ways to help stop slavery...



One of the most important things we can do is raise awareness. Let your friends, family or work collegues know about modern slavery, post a video online or use social media to help shine a light on this important issue.

Know the


Get to know a few indicators so you can keep them in the back of your mind when you are out and about, at work or out in your community. Get to know the signs  and check out some of these resources to find out more.

Supply chains

Help to encourage businesses in Nottingham to act on modern slavery. You can make an enquiry to your favourite businesses or ask about their modern slavery polices and see what they are doing to actively combat slavery. Champion the businesses that have pledged to stop slavery in our city!


If you work for an NGO, community organisation, local agency, business or are involved in any project as a volunteer you may qualify for a free training workshop, click here for more info. 


Join countless others to make a pledge against slavery in Nottingham. If you are part of a business or organisation and want to find out about making a pledge, click here.

Dedicated Pledge Page coming soon...
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