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Types of slavery

Labour Exploitation is when people are forced to work against their will and held under threat. It is though to be the most common type of slavery. Often vulnerable people are targeted and migrant workers who don't speak the language, have few friends in the location and limited rights.

Labour Exploitation

Forced marriage is sometimes used alongside other forms of slavery used for the gain of the spouse or household. Individuals are forced into a marriage and have no option to refuse, this is a largely undocumented type of slavery.

Forced Marriage

Sexual Exploitation is when victims may be sexually abused, forced into prostitution, or cyber sex. Sexual exploitation accounts for 48% of reported trafficking cases in the UK with many being tricked or baited into their circumstance using false promises. 

Sexual Exploitation

Forced criminal activity is another type of exploitation used to trap and enslave people. This could be in the form of drug dealing/trafficking, begging, pick pocketing and more organised crime.

Criminal Activity

Domestic Servitude is a type of forced labour exploitation as individuals are forced to work within a household. This type of work may involve looking after children or doing household domestic chores in a situation where individuals cannot leave. 13% of reported trafficking cases in the UK in 2017 were cases of domestic servitude.

Domestic Servitude

With the demand for donor organs being high, forced organ removal is a common way to get organs onto the black market. This type of slavery is not thought to be common in  the UK. Globally, however,  many victims targeted are from poor and slum areas and the market is thought to be escalating.

Organ Removal
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