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There are lots of resources with more information on what modern slavery is how to spot the signs, check out out some of these below;


The University of Nottingham's Rights Lab are discovering how to end slavery with the world's first large-scale research platform.

Unchosen use film to help fight modern slavery in the UK. Check out their films and resources to find out where slavery is hiding in our community, and what you can do about it. 

Stop the traffik look at the prevention of slavery and help to equip and inform communities by looking at what slavery is, how to identify it and respond as well as how to protect themselves and others.

The Salvation Army provides specialist support for victims of modern slavery. Information of their work and resources including a free Introduction to Modern Slavery Awareness e-Learning course can be found below. 

If you need help, advice or information about any modern slavery issue you can contact the modern slavery helpline confidentially, 24 hours a day. They also have a number of resources highlighting the nature of different types of exploitation.

The report, entitled ‘Understanding and Responding to Modern Slavery Within the Homelessness Sector’, looks at the experiences of homelessness organisations across England in working with victims of modern slavery who have been homeless.

This website gives information on how the anti-slavery commissioner role helps to tackle slavery. It also has information about anti-slavery best practice and what slavery looks like in the UK.

Hope for Justice exist to bring an end to modern slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. They have a story library and resources on their website and details of their training packages.

Hope for


Every Child Protected Against Trafficking UK is a children's rights organisation that work to protect children from trafficking and exploitation. Check out more of their programmes and resources by clicking the link below.

The Clewer Initiative enables church networks to develop strategies for detecting modern slavery in their communities and help provide victim support and care. This website also has downloadble resources on spotting the signs of slavery. They have launched the Safe Car Wash app, a new tool to tackle victims working in car washes. 

Alongside other work, The British Red Cross provide care and support for trafficked people and work in the UK and internationally providing support and protection programmes. Read more about what they do below.

Anti-slavery work worldwide and have project and campaign work in the UK to end slavery in Britain. Their website has resources on how to take action and more information on the work they do including helping to make supply chains become slavery free.

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