Slavery in notts

The BBC reports, 'A man who recruited two vulnerable men from Poland to work at Sports Direct has been jailed.' Click below to read more.

June 5th 2019 

'Sports Direct man jailed for modern slavery offences'
Image by Matthew Ansley

The BBC reports, 'Four members of the same family have been sentenced for modern slavery offences' Click below to read more.

April 26th 2019 

'Nottingham family sentenced over modern slavery'

The UoN reports, 'Drivers using a pioneering app to gather information on modern slavery in hand car washes made more than 900 reports of potential cases over a five-month period,' 

April 8th 2019 

'More than 900 reports of potential modern slavery in hand car washes'
Polishing Car

The Sun reports, 'Stephanie was promised a better life by the people who trafficked her - but instead she was forced into prostitution' Click below to read more.

March 5th 2019 

'Stephanie was promised a better life by the people who trafficked her'
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The BBC reports, 'The number of potential trafficking and modern slavery victims reported to the authorities has risen by 36% in a year, National Crime Agency figures show..' Click below to read more.

March 16th 2019 

'Modern slavery cases 'rise by over a third''

Nottingham Post reports,'Nottingham will be the first city in the country to licence car washes in a bid to crack down on modern day slavery.' Click below to read more.

Car wash workers in Notts found living in vans and shipping containers

January 27th 2019

'Six people face custody over human trafficking'

11th October 2018

Nottingham Post reports, 'Six people face custody after a girl's frantic 1,200-mile phone call led police to a brothel in a city hotel.' Click below to read more.


'Modern slavery law review as gangs 'evolve''

BBC news reports that ,'The UK's modern slavery legislation is to be reviewed as criminal gangs find new ways to exploit victims, the Home Office has announced.' Click below to read more.

30th July 2018

'136,000 ‘living in slavery’ in Britain'

The Express reports, 'MODERN slavery in Britain is 10 times worse than initial estimates.' Click below to read more.

20th July 2018


10th July 2018


Nottingham post reports on a human trafficking trial, click below to read more.

'New app lets drivers report modern slavery at hand car washes'

The Independent report on the new app release by The Clewer Initiative as part of the Church of England's campaign against modern slavery in the UK. Click below to read more.

3rd June 2018

'Nottingham Citizens Assembly – What Sort of Nottingham Do We Want to Create?'

Left Lion joined the Nottingham Citizens gathering which highlighted issues around homelessness, modern slavery, hate crime and air pollution in Nottingham. Click below to read more.

23rd May 2018

'Three arrested as part of modern slavery investigation'

Notts TV report,'Officers carried out a warrant at a house on Vernon Road in Old Basford ' Click below to read more.

27th April 2018

'Record number of slavery victims referred in UK, says report'

28th March 2018

BBC news reports, 'over 5,000 potential victims of modern slavery and trafficking were referred to UK authorities last year' Click the link below to find out more.

'Nottingham Sports Direct modern slavery brothers ordered to repay £167k'

22nd January 2018

BBC news reports, 'Two brothers jailed for modern slavery offences have been ordered to repay £167,650 in criminal gains.' Click below to read more.

15th March 2018

Police raid in Nottingham in an effort to crackdown on modern slavery

ITV News Central report how Nottinghamshire Police targeted suspected brothels in a crackdown on modern slavery.

'Modern slavery victims 'hidden in plain sight', councils warn'

BBC news reports that ,'Householders could "unwittingly" be hiring victims of modern slavery to wash their cars, paint their nails or lay their drives'. Click below to read more.

17 January 2018

'Trial date set for six people accused of human trafficking'

Nottingham Post reports, 'Six people appeared in court accused of human trafficking.... A six-week trial has been arranged to start on July 2. A management hearing will be held on March 15 to make further arrangements.' Click below to read more.

11th January 2018

21st October 2017

The Independent reports on how the home of Robin Hood is trying to free itself of Modern Slavery. Click below to read more.

'Greetings card slave worker kept in Nottingham loft'

BBC news reports, 'a man who locked two Polish immigrants in his loft, using violence against them and controlling their ID documents, had been jailed.' Click below to read more.

31st October 2017

'Organisations make pledge to rid Nottinghamshire of modern day slavery'

Nottingham Post reports, 'Pledges have been made from organisations across the region to make Nottinghamshire free of modern slavery.' Click below to read more.

18th October 2017

'Landlord admits modern slavery charges'

BBC news reports on, 'a landlord who forced a tenant into full-time work and kept his wages to fund a "lavish lifestyle" has admitted slavery charges.' Click below to read more.

6th June 2017