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Can you see it?

//when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

//we probably come into contact with slaves without even realising it.

//taking time to know a few of the tell tale signs can help spot slavery.
What does modern slavery look like?

Adult victims are trafficked all over the world for little or no money – including to and within the UK. They can be forced to work in the sex trade, domestic service, forced labour, and criminal activity or have their organs removed to be sold. There is no typical victim and some victims don’t understand they have been exploited and are entitled to help and support.

Victims are often trafficked to a foreign country where they cannot speak the language, have their travel and identity documents removed, and are told that if they try to attempt an escape, they or their families will be harmed.

Spot the signs:

  • Is the victim in possession of a passport, identification or travel documents? Are these documents in possession of someone else?

  • Does the victim act as if they were instructed or coached by someone else? Do they allow others to speak for them when spoken to directly?

  • Was the victim recruited for one purpose and forced to engage in some other job? Was their transport paid for by facilitators, whom they must pay back through providing services?

  • Does the victim receive little or no payment for their work? Is someone else in control of their earnings?

  • Was the victim forced to perform sexual acts?

  • Does the victim have freedom of movement?

  • Has the victim or family been threatened with harm if the victim attempts to escape?

  • Is the victim under the impression they are bonded by debt, or in a situation of dependence?

  • Has the victim been harmed or deprived of food, water, sleep, medical care or other life necessities?

  • Can the victim freely contact friends or family? Do they have limited social interaction or contact with people outside their immediate environment?

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